Stephanie: you know how i often get pain behind my right eye?
Adam: i do know that, yes.
Stephanie: "optic neuritis: this serious inflammatory condition can affect the nerve to the eye as well as the muscles that lie close to the optic nerve. generally, the vision becomes blurry and sometimes color perception problems will be noticed. it responds to steroid injections, but can recur and may be a precursor for multiple sclerosis."
Adam: and you know this is what you have? you've been diagnosed?
Stephanie: no. i just read that.
Adam: that's what i thought. you actually just have optic neurosis.
Stephanie: did you watch the emmys?
Adam: just the very beginning and the very end.
Stephanie: i forgot why i asked you that. it was a precursor to something. omg MS!
Adam: don't worry, if you have MS, i'll help take care of you when you're incapacitated.
Stephanie: what a minch. (i pretend i don't know jew words to bug you).
Adam: did i tell you i saw a baby at a party that was your baby doppelganger? complete with the fact that she glared at me.
Stephanie: there are so many things i should do and i don't want to do anything. i want to write and work out and eat. instead i watch friends. who is susan g. komen?
Adam: the susan g. komen race for the cure. breast cancer charity? pink ribbons?
Stephanie: never heard of her.
Adam: very famous. she died in 1980.
Stephanie: i've heard of pink ribbons.
Adam: by the way, whenever you just text "where are u?" i always think something is wrong.
Stephanie: why?
Adam: it implies you need me for something.
Stephanie: i didn't mean to imply that.
Adam: otherwise why not just text what you wanna text?
Stephanie: i didn't want to text anything.
Adam: then why did you want to know where i was?
Stephanie: cause you hadn't been online all day.
Adam: you know what i do when you haven't been online all day?
Stephanie: don't care?
Adam: wait til the next day.
Stephanie: and that is why you'll die alone and i am engaged.
Adam: no, no, steph. you're not engaged.
Stephanie: oh.