Stephanie: searching for a job reveals a lot about me.
Adam: such as?
Stephanie: for instance, i just saw the word "dynamic" and closed the posting.
Adam: don't look for excuses not to apply!
Stephanie: i'm not. i'm just not dynamic.
Adam: most postings will say the same thing. half the time, they don't even know what they mean by that.
Stephanie: it's all "self starter" and i'm like "eh."
Adam: let THEM decide if you're a dynamic self starter or not.
Stephanie: stop screaming. i'm too tired to be dynamic.
Adam: maybe you'll find a posting where the employers are looking for someone anemic.
Stephanie: i would love that.
Adam: you know how i know i'm over 40? i just made an appointment with a urologist.
Stephanie: you know how i know im 37? i can't jump without peeing.
Adam: jump? i can't stand without peeing.
Stephanie: what's pac ten?
Adam: a college football division.
Stephanie: is it a big deal?
Adam: define big deal. it's one of the major conferences.
Stephanie: i touched a stranger's ring and it said pac 10 on it. it was sparkly. he took it off and handed it to me.
Adam: maybe a USC alum? it's now the pac-12, by the way. 6 teams in the pac-12 north, 6 in the pac-12 south...
Stephanie: so boring. forget i asked.
Adam: k.
Stephanie: it was really sparkly.